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  In the early 80’s, a group of Taiwanese nationals came to Los Angeles, California bringing with them their international shipping and forwarding knowledge. These individuals holds
key positions with different shipping companies and the expertise they had gained from years of working, had encouraged them to venture out in establishing their own international freight forwarding business.

Just like any neophyte companies, Formosa Container Lines, struggled at the very beginning but after a few months of operation, they managed to find their way to capture substantial amount of U.S. clients.

Formosa Container Lines was one of the few new companies then, who got the support
from the carriers. They were able to signed their own service contract with the shipping companies, getting very competitive rates for both export and import shipments.

Air freight was the next bold step, the company explored. To date, Formosa Container Lines, have moved and handled tons of cargoes from all over the world and vice versa.

For years, the company is regularly handling LCL cargoes and had gained the trust and support from other forwarders, who are using our service thru friendly coloading arrangements.

Two decades had elapse, since Formosa Container Lines started their business in Long Beach, California and the freight forwarding business these days are so saturated with
many competitors but we’re so proud  that after all these years, we’re still very much
in business and maintained our loyal customers, despite tough competition. Formosa Container Line has become a licensed & fully bonded OTI NVOCC, OTI FF and a licensed Customs House Broker continue serving in the shipping industry.  

We had maintained our reputation of being competitive in our rates, very trustworthy
for our clients in providing timely deliveries on their cargoes especially on door deliveries
and assisting customers with their cargoes. We have our own website to help
customers knows, the status on their cargoes.

Recently, Formosa Container Lines, have moved to its newly acquired premier business building in Torrance, very accessible to two majore locations, Los Angeles Int’l Airport (approximately 10 minutes) and the LA and Long Beach ports (approximately 20 minutes).

You can visit our website for further details on our company. Trusting that you will show interest in using our company and we will be so pleased if you will be included in our list
as our new customers.

Thank you very much!